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The scarlet midnight moon seemed to light up the shadowy night, as a silhouette was walking in the corn field outside a small town in Ohio. From the shadows, it could be described as a tall man, wearing a trench coat and a hat, walking calmly, with small steps, like time wasn’t of the essence. He entered the cornfield, with one hand placed casual in his pocket, while in the other hand, he held a classic silver Zippo, which he kept flickering like a strange tic. The repeating spark from the lighter unveiled a rugged man, unshaved from what it seemed to be a couple of days, with a bored look, that of a man that had seen too much in his life. Reaching the opening in the field, he tore the police tape from the crops, and entered a small circular area, where all the crops were layed down. On the ground, traces of blood, number signs in different places, told nothing new to the man, he knew that the crime scene he was visiting had something strange, that the local police overlooked. Near the splatter of blood, marked by the no. 7, he noticed a singular crop leaf still standing. As he sat down near it, getting a closer look, a bluish strange smudge was barely noticeable on the crop. As he tore the leaf a lightning ran across the sky lightening it up. At this point the sky remained lit, making a light so bright as it was day. All time stood still. He slowly raised his head and hat towards the sky, admiring the lightning. The lightning was long with lots of ramifications and pointed toward the North, where the small town was. He thought this case was going to be a long one, and then the stench of death filled his nostrils. He knew this feeling; he knew it oh so well. He lowered his head from the sky and faced the grim image that lay before him. There people; dead people, two males and a female. As if not for the lightning, he wouldn’t have known they were dead, but he could see them clearly, the dead stare in their eyes; he even saw the flies that flew around them. Their corpses were watching him, as he looked back at them. The middle one was slightly taller than the other two and was wearing a coverall. The female had her mouth open, witch made the man breathe more slowly. She had here clothes ripped in some parts, but covered in blood; he clearly saw a big hole on the side of her head. He tried to gather as much information as he could, knowing that it would not last long. And he was right, in a split second the lightning disappeared and so did the corpses. He looked around one last time and headed back to his car. When he opened the door he heard the sound of the thunder that accompanied the lightning. As it started raining, he thought that this case was not like others. He started the motor and drove into the town.

... the red part is re-edited, the rest is written back in highschool, and i'm trying to modify it a bit ....


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